About Us

Who We Are

BRICK is a non-denominational mission to spread God’s love, and in the process reach what some would call the unreachable – the impoverished, the hopeless, those walking through our communities looking for something better – those looking for hope!

We may or may not see direct and immediate results from our mission of serving others, yet we are called by God. THE CHURCH is called to be a beacon in a culture where bad news, hopelessness, crime and despair seem to be the norm. What better place to be a beacon than in our own backyard?

Our Community

ALLENDALE COUNTY has an unfortunate reputation of being known for the “not so good things”. However, we, THE CHURCH, are called to be the “good” – to love, serve, and disciple those around us. We will spend a full week in July in Allendale County.

Having operated since 2019, with your help and the help of your chuch or organization, we’d love to keep the impact going. We want to make an even BIGGER difference through a ministry program called BRICK (Building Restoration in Christ’s Kingdom).

Leading Pastors

Brian Henderson

First Baptist Church

Jackson, SC



Terrance Thomas

Nazarene Baptist Church

Fairfax, SC


Aron Winn

Harmony Baptist Church

Fairfax, SC


Joseph Williams

Sycamore Baptist Church


Would you gather your friends or members and reiterate God’s desire to love and serve others - regardless of how alike or different we are? Do you believe missions not only serves the ones in need, but also solidifies and renew our own faith? Are you ready? Will you be a part?